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The West Bank Community Coalition (WBCC) began its role as a neighborhood organization in 1971. At that time, the neighborhood was virtually threatened with extinction. The City of Minneapolis and powerful real estate developers had produced an Urban Renewal Plan that called for the demolition of all but one building and displacement of everyone who lived here. Read More

The West Bank Community Coalition (WBCC) is the City of Minneapolis recognized neighborhood group for the West Bank/Cedar-Riverside area. The WBCC gives first-level input to the city government on housing, licenses, zoning variances, permits, development and other neighborhood issues.

The West Bank Community Coalition (WBCC) is a nonprofit corporation, organized under Minnesota Statute 317A. It serves the Cedar-Riverside West Bank neighborhood as the official conduit for information and advice between the neighborhood – its residents, businesses, institutions and organizations – and the agencies and offices of the City, County and State.


The mission of the WBCC is to strengthen and celebrate the neighborhood by promoting connections between its residents, businesses, institutions, and organizations. The WBCC is dedicated to preserving its neighborhood’s strengths, identifying and helping t o address the neighborhood’s changing needs and bringing positive improvements to all.

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