Board Candidates For Annual Meeting

We're excited to have so many great candidates and look forward to a great election. So far, we have 19 applicants for 7 Tenant spots, 2 applicants for our 2 Homeowner spots, 1 applicant for our 2 Business/Property Owner spots.


1) Mahdi Abdi

As a resident and employee in the neighborhood I would like to join WBCC to ensure community interest are prioritized and the vision for viable community is installed. I bring deep understanding of cedar Riverside neighborhood context and would like to contribute. I believe the board needs to be energetic, thoughtful and community driven for viable neighborhood.

2) Heydar Abdullahi

I would like to join WBCC board because as an Oromo American residing in Cedar Riverside Plaza I feel like I can be an asset when it comes to engaging and mobilizing the Oromo residents. I aim to work diligently with every member of WBCC to take advantage of all the resources available to the community and have a say in what types of progressive ideas we should bring to the community that will promote safety and growth. I am full of energy and have the patience to learn and take criticism very well. I am a quick learner and value others perspectives.

3) Abdulaziz Abdullahi 

4) Saleh Ali

5) Ayub Farah

6) Asma Haidara

7) Abdulkadir Hassan

The purpose is to be part of my community in helping them with of the changes that is coming about and helping them know how these changes applies to them.

8) Hassan Hassan

I want to help better my community by connecting the people to the community and the community to the people . I want help the people in the community to understand the bylaw and to help build a better community for all.

9) Weli Hassan

I am Executive Director of Riverside Plaza Tenant Association. with my long years of experience in community work, I would like to contribute the development and the progress of our community. I would work hard to build all levels of community programs to create a successful organization.

10) Mohamed Jama

11) Mubashir Jeilani

12) Phillip Kelly

I am very committed to seeing the West Bank community grow through collaborative partnerships, robust resident engagement, and pro-active/progressive action. I believe my experience with the West Bank Community Coalition as a staff-member will lend itself well to my potential service as a board member. As a resident of this community, I'm excited about both the short-term and long-term potential we have to leverage our thriving community into an even stronger, self-directed one.

13) Ben Marcy

Over the past year, I have been very impressed by the work of Mohamed Mohamed and would like to further his efforts as a supporting board member. I was a member of the board in 2008 and a WBCC President in 2009. It's my belief that I can contribute to the board with my understanding of the history of the neighborhood organizations. As Leadership Instructor at the University of Minnesota, I would like to bring my knowledge of leadership and University resources to the efforts in place.

14) Abdiaziz Mohamed

Change is very crucial to this neighborhood. People meet but discuss matters that doesn't help my community. I'm in as a resident to create awareness and work towards betterment of the community.

15) Asho Mohamed

16) Kowsar Mohamed

17) Muhubo Mohamed

18) Mustafa Mohamed

19) Mohamud Noor

20) Barry Peterson

I would like to use my skills as a writer and researcher, collaborator and teacher to help WBCC with its business. If the meetings are not on Tuesdays (some Tuesdays, for religious programs twice each month) I can be a great asset to WBCC> I was appointed by Hennepin County Board of Commissioner to work with the Hennepin County Adult Mental Health Advisory Council. This position lasted for three years, and one of my idea helped the Council become more efficient and collaborative. I am interested in working with major partners in the plan to bring more parking to the neighborhood. As well, I am concerned about the health of the pigeons, and the health problems they bring to humans, and would like to help find a solution to so many pigeons in the neighborhood. I do not speak East African languages. I believe the WBCC should be English-first, and then with interpreters and translators helping out -- in an effort to help immigrant families become more "American." I am friendly, and I have helped many diaspora families at Riverside Plaza, with management, over the years. I hope to continue serving my neighborhood as an American who knows how to research and write. I hope you will vote for Barry Peterson!

21) Liban Said

22) Omar Warsame


1) Karen Gehrke

I am one of few West Bank homeowners, I have lived in my home for 20+ years.

2) Ilham Hussein

I would like to come back as board member. I had a lot of personal issues that i dealt with and i will be happy to come back as a board member and serve my community.


1) Ahmed Ismail

I was volunteering last ten years this great neighborhood WBCC and this time I decided to share my experience and volunteer the board of directories to residents of West Bank Community Coalition.


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