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West Bank Community Coalition Board of Directors

The West Bank Community Coalition (WBCC) shall have a board of 15 directors composed of 8 resident tenant director seats, 4 resident homeowner director seats, and 3 resident or non-resident business owner or commercial property owner seats.

As a Board member, you will have the opportunity to exercise leadership and governance and advocate for Cedar Riverside. You will be part of the decision-making for WBCC and contribute to the well-being and improvement of the Cedar Riverside community.

Board Director Responsibilities:

  1. Establish and oversee the overall strategic direction of the Collaborative (mission, vision, and strategy).
  2. Create and disband WBCC committees and/or Task forces  as needed.
  3. Establish annual goals and overall organizational strategy.
  4. Ensure adequate resources for the agency to fulfill its mission.
  5. Ensure policies and programs are in alignment with mission and goals.
  6. When appropriate oversee fiscal policy, financial controls and annual allocation of discretionary funds.
  7. Under the grievance process serve as an ad-hoc grievance committee in the event that mediation fails.

Board Director Commitment:

  1. Attend (punctually) at least 75% of the Board meetings.
  2. Review agenda and supporting material prior to the board meetings.
  3. Participation with at least one committee.
  4. Participate in fundraising activities.  This can include giving personal time and money; developing donors, members, and supporters: leading and supporting fundraising campaigns and events, or making an individual financial contribution that is personally meaningful.
  5. Promote and represent the West Bank Community Coalition to the community.

WBCC is looking for 2 Renters and 4 Resident Homeowners!

Self-nominations will be open until Sunday, December 18th and potential applicants should be ready to attend WBCC's May Board Meeting on Wednesday, December 21st. At the meeting, all attending members of WBCC will elect board members.


  1. Select which role, renter or homeowner, you're applying for.
  2. Tell us why you'd like to join the board.
  3. Tell us what other organizations in the neighborhood you're involved with.

Please contact Mubashir at 612-978-1061 or with any questions. 

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