Give to the Max Day 2015

Give to the Max Day 2015

Support WBCC on this year's Give to the Max Day - Thursday, November 12!

Our organization is funded primarily through public funds, which allows us to operate with a core focus on deepening engagement with residents and increase public participation in our neighborhood. Public funds come with many restrictions so we need your help in ensuring our events are accessible to everyone in our neighborhood.

Your financial support will allow us to:

  1. Purchase food for all our community meetings and gatherings
  2. Ensure that child care is available at all appropriate events
  3. Sponsor organic community events by neighborhood individuals and organizations

On this years' Give to the Max Day - Thursday, November 12 - renew your commitment of support to WBCC so that we can continue bringing more people to the table. Your tax-deductible gift of $25, $100, or $250 will enable us to be relentless in our efforts to build a stronger and more connected Cedar Riverside neighborhood.

Mark your calendar for November 12 and support WBCC by clicking HERE. Starting November 1, you can also schedule your donation in advance. 

Click here to donate today!

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