Introducing Your 2016 Board of Directors

We are excited to welcome seven new board members and three returning ones to bring our total number to 14 directors. 

Our Annual Meeting started off with a bang with over 75 community members attending. After some confusion about the purpose of our meeting, some people voted right away before any board candidates were able to speak. After clarifying the true purpose of our elections, we gave out new ballots and skipped directly to the election part of our agenda. In total, there were over 20 board candidates and each had the opportunity to introduce themselves and their reasons for wanting to serve on the board. 

Our new board members include:

  1. Abdulaziz Abdullahi - Resident Renter
  2. Ayub Farah - Resident Renter
  3. Karen Gehrke - Resident Homeowner
  4. Ilham Hussein - Resident Homeowner
  5. Ahmed Ismael - Property/Business Owner
  6. Mohamed Jama - Resident Renter
  7. Phill Kelly - Resident Renter
  8. Asho Mohamed - Resident Renter
  9. Mustafa Mohamed - Resident Renter
  10. Mohamud Noor - Resident Renter

We're excited to start 2016 with the same energy we did in 2015 and continue serving our neighborhood. Special thanks to current Board Member Nichole, CRNRP Board Member Abdalaziz Mohamed, CRNRP Staff Ryan for counting the votes and reporting the results!

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