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West Bank Community Coalition Board of Directors

The WBCC shall have a board of 15 directors. The fifteen directors’ seats or positions are specified as 8 resident tenant director seats, 4 resident homeowner director seats, and 3 resident or non-resident business owner or commercial property owner seats.

Any member of the WBCC is eligible to be a director and seek election to the Board of Directors. If you live, own property, or own a business in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood you are a member of the WBCC.

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Current Board of Directors & Officers:

Abdulaziz Abdullahi - Resident Renter

Liban Alishire - Property/Business Owner

Nichole Buehler - Resident Renter - Vice Chair

Ayub Farah - Resident Renter - Secretary

Karen Gehrke - Resident Homeowner

Ilham Hussein - Resident Homeowner

Ahmed Ismael - Property/Business Owner

Mohamed Jama - Resident Renter - Chair

Phill Kelly - Resident Renter

Asho Mohamed - Resident Renter

Mustafa Mohamed - Resident Renter

Mohamud Noor - Resident Renter

Zev Radziwill - Resident Homeowner

Ashraf (AJ) Siddiqui - Resident Homeowner - Treasurer

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