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Bluff Street Task Force Committee
The Bluff Street Task Force works to seek community input in the development of plans to transform the derilect land adjacent to the Mississippi River, Riverview Tower, and River Bluff Co-op into a neighborhod amenity. The area is currently owned by the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board.

Land Use Committee

The Land use Committee solicits community input and recommendations on proposed uses of the physical environment as they impact the current and future residents, visitors and businesses of the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood.

Neighborhood Relations Committee
The Neighborhood Relations Committee works to determine goals and outcomes, plan for, and evaluate community gatherings. The committee assesses measurable outcomes and provides recommendations for improving participation in terms of numbers as well as diversity in age, cultures, etc. This committee is not currently meeting, but the WBCC is looking for interested neighborhood residents to get it started back up. Contact us if you are interested.

Safety Committee
The Safety Committee works to decrease all types of crimes and increase the safety of the residents, visitors and businesses of the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood. It is a joint committee of the WBCC and the Cedar-Riverside NRP, and meets on the first Tuesday of each month at the Brian Coyle Center.

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