WBCC is looking for a Transit Organizer

We're excited to announce a new opportunity available with our organization. We are in need of a transit organizer to work on busing and transportation related issues in our neighborhood. Please take a look at the job description below and email mubashir.jeilani@westbankcc.org to apply. Please share with all your networks!


Better Bus Stop Outreach Specialist





The West Bank Community Coalition (WBCC) is seeking a part-time Better Bus Stop Outreach Specialist to ensure assertive and appropriate strategies in engaging the diverse communities that reside in the Cedar Riverside neighborhood*. The specialist will work with the Executive Director to plan and coordinate an engagement campaign that specifically targets the neighborhood’s sizable transit commuters population to identify relevant issues and opportunities, and to help develop improvements of services that meet community needs. The specialist will also conduct outreach via surveys and other civic engagement methods to transits users to connect them to resources to address their specific needs.


The position’s primary function is to ensure all community members feel welcome and encouraged to actively participate in WBCC’s work to improve bus stops and shelter in the community.


The duration of employment is based upon the Better Bus Grant. As of now, August 2016-March 2017 is the current timeframe of employment.


Position Details



Job Type: Part-time, year-round flexible schedule with 4 evenings/weekends per week. 20-25 hours per week.


Salary: $15 per hour, depending on candidate qualifications and experience.



Benefits: Eligible for paid sick and vacation time, but not eligible for health care benefits.


Primary Duties & Responsibilities



Better Bust Stop Support (80%): The Specialist will conduct one-on-one surveys throughout the entire community. Methods of surveys will consist of door-to-door and during community events and other gatherings. The Executive Director will specify other locations of surveys as needed. Specialist will   recruit and create an advisory committee to get community input. Advisory will be scheduled for monthly meetings with the Specialist. Focus groups and community equity in transportation meeting will be also scheduled monthly. Other duties will consist of creating and translating project brochures and to create project intro videos


Outreach & Engagement (10%): Weekly Pop-Ups on Cedar Ave, National Night Out Events, 2nd/3rd Candidate Town Hall, West Bank Block Party, Open Streets in the West Bank, and National Voter Registration Day Event are potential community engagement events where the Specialist will have the opportunity for surveying and recruitment. The Executive Director will specify other possible community event Engagement opportunities for the Specialist.


Administrative Tasks (10%): Weekly progress reports will be submitted to the Executive Director to ensure that goals/targets are being met. Perform miscellaneous administrative tasks including written activity reports, providing language translation for WBCC communications, filling out timesheets, printing, copying, etc.


The Ideal Candidate Possesses



  • Fluent in English and Somali or Oromo(written/spoken).
    • 2+ years – paid or volunteer experience with community development, community organizing, grassroots activism, volunteer management and/or membership organizations.
    • Proven track record of organizing and motivating people to accomplish mutually agreed upon goals.
      • Strong people skills, integrity, and the ability to speak with confidence and authority on behalf of the neighborhood.
      • Excellent personal accountability, self-motivation and follow through.
        • Ability to work evenings and weekends (4 evenings per week) – door- knocking, meetings and visits.
        • Access to transportation to attend meetings outside of neighborhood.






Preferred Qualifications:






  • Experience with nonprofit project management. Strong computer skills (Microsoft Office programs) and administrative organization.
  • Strong facilitation skills and ability to manage conflict.
  • Experience organizing large public and/or cultural events.
    • Knowledge of community organizing theory and practice, community and economic development, grassroots activism, volunteer management and/or membership organizations.



How to Apply

Applications packets should include cover letter, resume and three references emailed to mubashir.jeilani@westbankcc.org. Complete applications are due by 5:00pm on Monday, August 15th, 2016. No phone calls please.

*Applicants should be aware of the demographics of the organization’s jurisdiction and the residents served: 8094 people hailing from 63 countries speaking 102 languages live in the neighborhood, making it the densest and most diverse zip code between Chicago and the West Coast.  Over 42% of Cedar Riverside residents were foreign-born; 41.3% are black; and 42.7% are between 18 and 24 years old.  Roughly 90% rent their homes.  63% of the population is people of color, 2/3 of which are African/African American.  22% have a high school education and 9% have at least a bachelor’s degree.  43% of the homes speak a language other than English. 57% use public transportation or bike or walk to work or school. 50.1% have income below the poverty level, 21.5% are between 100-150% of poverty level, and only 19.6% live at 200% of poverty level or greater.  88% of the housing units are multiple unit dwellings and only 5.3% are vacant at any given time.  Once a transient community, 96% have resided in their homes since 2005, 58% since 2000, and 20% since 1990.   

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